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We are seeking talented people who can help us to make a significant positive impact on our clients. We have assisted a large number of organisations, ranging from dot-coms to e-business divisions of established companies, in growing or managing their online venture.

The work that we have done for our clients includes understanding and helping them to shape their business goals, helping them build their technology operations and teams, designing and implementing software and systems solutions, and generally playing a key role in managing a fast-growing business.

This means that we want people who are confident enough in their own talents to be able to deliver solutions appropriate to the needs of our clients. This confidence is reflected at a company level in the fact that we are undaunted by any assignment, no matter how technologically complex.

There is no one profile or background of a typical Internet Vision employee, although it is perhaps no coincidence that many have attended the country's top universities or have demonstrated drive and enthusiasm by doing interesting and exciting things prior to joining us. Many of the people who work here are technologists at heart, and the techie culture is well-respected. back to top

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