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At Internet Vision we place a high value on investing in the people who work for us. Likewise we look for people who want to make a significant personal investment in our company. That way a "virtuous circle" is created in which the company can constantly improve and its employees can develop their skills and talents.

One way we look to achieve this is by encouraging career flexibility. We feel that the people who work for us should have the opportunity to work in different roles and to develop expertise in as many areas as possible. People who understand the company and its culture are very important assets to us, and we try to fill managerial roles with people who are already in the company.

Two-way feedback is a very important aspect of the interaction between employee and company. If you have suggestions for how the company can do things better for its clients and itself, then we want to know about them. Just as importantly we think that it helps your personal development if you are given, and are able to give, informal feedback on your career issues at any time. This informal process is coupled with a formal annual review of your progress and goals.

We want to recruit people who are going to derive satisfaction from playing an important part in growing a successful company. We believe it is important for our staff to participate tangibly in the success of the company that they help to build and we have a share option scheme in place to enable them to do that.

Overall we think that the career flexibility, the culture of constant improvement and the opportunity to participate in a growing company reinforce a potent symbiotic relationship between you and Internet Vision. back to top

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