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We place a high value on knowledge share within the company, and we have developed some formal channels for this to take place.

Once a month our team leaders get together and share with each other the recent issues that have arisen in relation to their clients and projects. Often their colleagues have experienced the same issue and are able to make suggestions as to how to take it forwards. This helps us both to deliver a better service to our clients and to improve the skills of the people who work for us.

We encourage our employees to attend external training courses.

We also have a library and you will be encouraged to select books for the company to purchase. There are few restrictions - topics range from technology to business to science to philosophy to fiction. We believe that our people should have the broadest possible outlook.

Just as important are the informal ways in which information is diffused internally. We believe that if you put lots of clever people together they will interact naturally and will learn from each other. You are therefore encouraged to talk to your colleagues as much as possible and to participate in our internal specialist mailgroups. back to top

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