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At Internet Vision the atmosphere is one in which you'll be surrounded by like-minded, energetic, innovative individuals who have a sense of working towards a clear purpose and would like to have a bit of fun in the process. At the same time, because we've been around for a few years we've had a chance to build some of the structures which you might find lacking in a pure "start up" environment.

We've tried to create a culture of openness, where individuals are aware of the direction of the business and are encouraged to play a proactive role in its continuing success.

The clear sense of direction pervades the company from the top down. Every six months the management presents to the whole company a business plan for the next six months. That way when you undertake a particular assignment you understand its context in the big picture.

The company has solid foundations, reflected in the fact that we invest our profits back into the business. As a result we have put in place the internal administrative and operational structures that will make your life easier from your first day here.

Of course, we're growing and learning all the time, and we know that we can always do things better, for our clients, our employees and the company as a whole. We know that the individuals who work for us have the energy, experience, ingenuity and dedication to make a significant contribution to that growth process.

If you want to get a better flavour of what its like to work here feel free to pop in for a coffee. Just call our Human Resources Manager, who can arrange for someone to have a chat. back to top

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