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Hosting Facility at Internet Vision

Our hosting facility includes the following benefits:

  • Secure, offsite data centre
  • Multiply redundant power (backed by multiple UPS and generator systems)
  • Smoke detection and fire suppression systems
  • Fully air-conditioned environment
  • Physical access restricted to authorised personnel
  • CCTV with 24-hour video recording
  • 24x7 hands-on technical support

We offer several different standard and bespoke hosting options for our clients, including both managed and unmanaged server co-location.


We believe that business critical systems require suitable backups. We provide a number of advanced backup solutions that may be tailored to each customer. Our backup solution is based on TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager), and can be customised in several ways upon request:

  • Frequency of backup (for example, daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Retention period (for example, one week, one month, five backup sets)
  • Accessibility requirements (for example, allow remote FTP access restrictable by IP address, automatically FTP the backup set to a remote site)
  • Media device (for our customers who require regular physical delivery of the backup set on CD or tape)

We are able to backup live databases, as well as static and dynamic files, under Windows as well as variants of Unix.

We currently have a backup server with a 1Tb RAID array (expandable as required).


Our core systems are monitored 24x7. Key staff are alerted by email and SMS immediately of any potential problems. We are also able to monitor client machines for potential problems, including the following common issues:

  • Loss of network connectivity due to hardware or software faults
  • Slow network connection
  • Hardware overheating
  • No response, or unexpected response from key services (for example, email server, FTP server, web server)
  • CPU load higher than expected
  • Hard drive space running low

All of our services are covered by an SLA (Service Level Agreement). back to top

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