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Features and Benefits
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Once you know what your processes are, you have the ability to change them to correct errors, make improvements and react to change.

Knowing what you can't do is as important as knowing what you can do. The first step to automating internal workflow is to map out your business process. This information is valuable because it shows you whether there are any inflexibilities. It therefore gives you the ability to make iterative improvements to your process which in turn helps you deliver better service to your customers.

Your ability as an organisation to cope with rapid change is also vital. If your business is growing rapidly then you need a cost-effective way to quickly gain the ability to repeat basic administrative task. That way you can devote your resources to serving your expanding customer base.

On the other hand you may be down-sizing or cutting your expansion plans. Such a climate can be a source of confusion for employees, since they can be unsure whether to devote their attentions to administrative tasks or to customer service. By rapidly and cost-effectively improving their productivity on administrative tasks you can help them to maintain quality of service to customers during a period of contraction whilst exerting downward pressure on costs. back to top

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