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Our Service
How the solution works

Internet Vision's e-workflow service provides web-based solutions to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. Automating your workflow enables your organisation to:

  • Enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Improve quality of service
  • Extend flexibility
  • Increase speed of delivery
  • Reduce costs
  • The solution that we deliver to you will vary depending on your organisation's circumstances and specific processes. However there are some common features that characterise an automated workflow solution.

    Internet Vision's e-workflow solutions are intranet systems providing forms to enter data and reports containing visible representations of the information. Dynamic "To Do" lists and alerts show participants when their attention is required. The system automatically adds new items to each participants' "To Do" list when it has been checked off the "To Do" list of the previous participant.

    For example, when the Financial Manager approves an expenditure request not only is it removed from her "To Do" list, but the consequent order placement is also immediately added to the "To Do" list of the Procurement Officer. At the same time, the Operations Manager raising the request is automatically kept informed of progress.

    This saves the Operations Manager from interrupting the Financial Manager to discover whether the purchase has been approved, and enables him to give a clear response to enquiries. The Procurement Officer will always be supplied with all the information necessary to place the order, and need never be unclear as to whether financial approval was given. The Procurement Officer can place the order as soon as he is ready, enabling him to work different hours from the Financial Manager, or even in a different location.

    Real Life Success Stories
  • An IT recruitment agency handling large volumes of contract staff needed all departments to be able to track information regarding those candidates. Previously a combination of paper forms, verbal communications and physical in - trays was used. Adopting online workflow enabled faster transfer of information about a contractor between departments. Tracking the whereabouts of that information within the process was also much easier. The company was able to reduce the time taken to place a contractor by 80%.
  • A renowned UK university used to have a time consuming and error-prone process for staff looking to get internal approval to advertise and fill a vacancy, a situation that occurred 1200 times a year. The university automated this process online. Each individual involved in the process accessed a "To Do" list via a Web client and the originator was automatically informed every time there was a delay of more than three days. Deploying the solution enabled staff, and the organisation as a whole, to waste less time and focus on core functions.
  • A medium-sized UK government agency saved many man-days per month by automating its internal procedure for the billing of professional services undertaken by the agency's various departments. In the past, paper orders were raised, sent to the appropriate department for approval and then to the finance department. They have now moved this process online, and have gained tangible returns.
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